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Tripods and paws: how to work with pets on camera

We are always asked how do we keep our animal friends so calm and posed during shoots? The simple answer is, we don't!

Do you ever hear the expression "Never work with children or animals?", Well it's a well known saying for a reason, but there are certain ways you keep animals focused when in front of the camera.

1 - Keep external distractions to a minimum - You know your pet better than anyone, and you might think that you being there to guide and get there attention is a good thing, however, it doesn't always work that way, and can turn a moment of calm into chaos! - Let the photographer guide and direct, and they will definitely ask for assistance if they need it.

2 - Arrive exercised - Like humans, if we have too much energy we get fidgety and on edge. Sometimes it's useful to wear your furry friend out slightly to achieve the right level of focus, but careful you don't exhaust them so they nap on the job!

3 - We all love a treat - Whether it is their favourite food, or toy, bring something that can reward, but also gain their attention during a shoot, remember, bribery can overcome all situations!

Whatever the tactics used, the most important thing is to take all stress out of what can be a strange situation for any animal and make it fun and rewarding.

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